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Overview by Demitra Vassiliadis

May sauntered in at a slow languid pace, inviting us to stop and smell the roses, lilacs, and other gorgeous blooms, opening into their full spring splendor. The month began, with the radiant Sun, Mercury, lovely Venus, and evolutionary Uranus, all in Taurus, the constructive sign of primordial beauty, and the sign most closely associated with Mother Earth. Meanwhile Mars, the planet of action, is traveling through Cancer, the sign of the oceanic mother. Given this gorgeous maternal planetary line up, we at Instituto Xilonen have chosen to focus on May and the lunar cycle that takes us into early June, as a time to honor and give back to the Universal Mother whose body is the ensouled Universe.

Taurus always invites us to connect with our senses, and delight in the natural world as the bountiful provider of all that sustains us on our earth walk. We celebrate Mother’s Day and Earth Day when the Sun is in Taurus, giving gracious thanks to the vast beautiful being whose body supports our every step. Taurus, a Venusian sign of fixed earth, is the most grounded, patient sign of the zodiac, reminding us to cultivate that steadfast patience, as we nurture the beauty and bounty we feel called to bring forth this month and beyond.

By May 8th, Mercury and Venus will have glided into winged Gemini, the sign of swift thought, where Mercury will retrograde on May 29th calling us into weeks of reflection, revision and mental review. We can prepare now by upping our grounded meditation practice.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 11th, inspires evolutionary breakthroughs in our relationship to the material world. We can begin to take that leap by releasing blocks to prosperity and cultivating greater reverence for the material world, blessing Mother Earth, our bodies, and the starry vault of Heaven, as the living, sacred temple of Divine Spirit. On May 13th massive Jupiter leaves Aquarius till late July, and glides into visionary Pisces, inspiring us to expand our dreams by deepening our conscious connection to Source. As Jupiter expands our sacred visions, the Taurus Sun, inspires us to take steady practical steps to manifest them. The Sun leaves earthy Taurus on May 20th and joins Venus and Mercury in winged Gemini to illuminate our minds and all that we are called to reflect on starting on May 23rd, when executive Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, initiating months of weighty review on our goals and commitments.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 26th, spotlights our thinking and beliefs, as the Sagittarius Moon is eclipsed, and Mercury in Gemini prepares to retrograde on the 29th. This potent Eclipse provides new revelations that could be game changers, and gives us much to review and reconsider regarding our beliefs, ideas and patterns of thought, during Mercury’s ongoing retrograde as we glide into June on the waning lunar tide.

On June 2nd lovely Venus heads into maternal Cancer, calling us home to all that we love and treasure, inspiring us to lovingly nurture ourselves as we continue to release all that no longer serves us. If we keep our minds tethered to the light of the Higher Mind, to inform our reflection during the first 9 days of June, we will be beautifully prepared for the coming New Moon/Solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10th that invites us to consciously cultivate new patterns of thought aligned with Higher Truths and our most beloved values.

Till then, may we all keep our feet on the the ground and our minds on the enlightening heights, thus uniting Heaven and Earth.

Blessings of Beauty and Bounty to All,

Demitra Vassiliadis

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